Hellgate London: Tokyo Content

Hellgate Tokyo content has now been patched into the steam release of Hellgate London. This expansion was made by Hanbitsoft not by the original creators Flagship. As expected with an expansion new missions, maps, dungeons and items are introduced. There are some quality of life improvements too. Extra inventory space, parts pack used to store…


Anthem Gameplay Footage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwoJG0B2Z_c Bioware has published their developer livestream showing off gameplay. While the graphics are nice, the designs seem boring and the gameplay itself seems even more plain and boring. Maybe it'll be better on release but we've seen plenty of games be virtually unchanged upon released besides bug fixes and more content.

Monster Hunter World PC: Behemoth coming soon!

Final Fantasy monster Behemoth is coming to Monster Hunter World PC on the 21st of December. Along with Behemoth comes the Drachen armor, Gae Bolg insect glaive and Moogle palico gear set. Drachen armor looks just like Final Fantasy Dragoon armor.Looks to me like the Final Fantasy XIV version. Links: Official Announcement

Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero is out now. I'm not picking this game up yet since I've got a good stable of games (Legends of Aria, Monster Hunter World and Hitman 2). But this looks like a great turn based strategy game. It is definitely going on my to play list. Links: Official PageSteam Page

Legends of Aria: Steam Early Access Delayed

There is a little confusion going around in regards to this announcement. Early access is still going ahead. It is just the steam launch of early access that has been delayed. They expect steam early access to be ready after the holiday season, meaning sometime early 2019. The founders packages will be taken down by…

Monster Hunter World PC: Winterfest

Kulve Taroth has left the building and Winterfest is in. It will be available between the 30th of Nov til 17th of Dec. Doesn't quite stretch into the literal Christmas days because I guess they want you to actually celebrate Christmas in real life. *Note: Pincushion hammer and wriggler layered helm is only available on…