Some of the Many Tree of Savior Classes

Tree of Savior is launching with over 80 playable classes and many more to come. However you don’t simply pick one and go as with ala WoW or most other games. ToS is a little more complicated.

In ToS you start in a lodge and you name it, the name of your lodge is essentially your player name and its what all players see when they interact with you.  From then on you create your characters which you can name whatever you want and don’t have to be unique.

I think the best way to explain the ToS class system is to explain the terminology involved. In Tree of Savior there is: Base levels, Class Levels, Circles and Ranks.

Base levels are your regular levels. When you create your first character you select a class, your starting options will be Swordsman, Archer, Wizard or Cleric. As you play the game you’ll accumulate exp that will level you up and allow you to distribute amongst character statistics you feel are needed, very straight forward.

Class Level are capped at 15, gaining class levels awards skill points for you to allocate to gain or improve skills.

Ranks are Tiers of 15 class levels, every time you reach the class cap of 15 you’ll want to do a quest to advance to a higher version of your same class or a new class. When you do the quest and pick a class you’ll advance to the next rank ready to gain another 15 class levels. Higher ranks give more class choice options.

Circles refer to the times you’ve picked the class. So advancing from Rank 1 to Rank 2 you decide to pick the same class e.g. Cleric Choosing to remain Cleric instead of changing class will unlock new abilities for the class and be known as Cleric Circle 2 or Cleric C2. A Cleric upon reaching Rank 2 deciding to change class to Priest instead for example would then be known as Cleric C1/Priest C1 in Rank 2.

Notes: Picking the same class can only be repeated twice for a total of 3 ranks as the same class (Circle 3 Max) Each time you pick the same class you’ll gain new abilities for that class and can rank up your old skills even further.

Picking a new class still allows you to use your old skills but you cannot level them up.

Each time you rank up more options for class changes unlock, currently there are 7 ranks allowing a lot of choice to cater for different types of play.

For a list of classes and more information fansite tosbase has comprehensive information. Tosbase also has a a nice skill simulator that you can play with to make your own combination of classes and abilities. Playing with this skill simulator will give you a good idea of how the class system works if you’re still unsure and give you insight as to what’s available for long term game planning.


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