Group of players fighting early elite monster The Big Red Kepa a.k.a “Red Kappa”

Tree of Savior brings back normal attacks. In modern games they’ll have you spamming special abilities every moment possible in “rotations” so the special moves aren’t that special at all. Most special attacks and buffs in this game have moderate cooldowns anywhere from at least a couple of seconds to minutes. Certain classes do have attacks with no cooldown effectively having replacements for their normal attack but thats very specific.

Players will initially rely mostly on auto attacks and and gathering groups of monsters to unleash larger attacks to blow up. Wizards will do this too, however their rods/staves shoot magic as a normal attack which is based on their magic power so their normal attacks are not useless either. This may be quite an adjustment to Modern MMO players where the concept of normal attack has been mostly eliminated.

Ragnarok vets must also make an adjustment though. In this game the existence of cooldowns everywhere can be very jarring to a Ragnarok player. Modern MMO players are quite used to this, lower spells have no or few seconds cooldown and huge spells having 10 minutes or so cool down.

In Ragnarok players managed their skill usage based on their SP resource  (skill points, functions the same as mana) so larger devastating spells would take more mana. Operating efficiently demanded players self moderate sp consumption, skill usage and availability of consumables and support classes. An extreme example from Ragnarok is the Monk skill Guillotine-Fist taking all SP and preventing SP regeneration for 5 minutes however if geared and built extremely narrowly and specifically well could down an MvP (World Raid Boss) in 1 hit or with support from consumables and other classes repeat and continue to down the bosses very quickly. As a side comment on the character customization this build was quite useless outside of that one purpose (thus really hard to level up) and you needed to be specifically geared for every different boss.

I for one am happy with the return of normal attacks and hope players will find this hybrid game-style enjoyable.


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