Crowded first town at the start of Closed Beta, players chatting, trading and forming parties.

The general gameplay in Tree of Savior is following a main story and comfy grinding.

At the very beginning you’re introduced to a short tutorial and main quest. The mainquest will suffice up till a point but you’ll find a need to grind. I see two kinds of player reactions.

Firstly the Ragnarok or Asian MMO veteran, these guys may forgo the main quest after the tutorial and just grind. It’s important to do these quests however as they give a general indicator of where to be and provide exp via cards, bonus money and items.

Secondly I see modern MMO players from the Everquest/Warcraft Clone era, they do the main quest up until its too difficult, struggle and give up, they’ll generally worthwhile quests along the way as they’re accustomed to being directed by quests and having indicators above NPCs for every quest.

For the Ragnarok vets, the problem is easily resolved just by going back and keeping in mind for future alts. WoW players are most likely just going to get fed up and give up and to be honest its not entirely their fault as they’re accustomed to having directions or orders all the time and there isn’t really much telling them to go grind and explore other than the main quest getting more and more difficult.

The difference in perspective due to prior MMO experiences I find quite interesting. Ragnarok vets may be annoyed at the main quest but put up with it whilst WoW players are likely to be annoyed at the grind but may enjoy the main quest, polar opposites.

For the WoW era players I’d advise you guys to keep an open mind and treat the game a bit more like a hack and slash rpg like Diablo, with that kind of a perspective the game might be more enjoyable and its a free to play game so its not like you have to abandon FFXIV, WoW or whatever Everquest clone you subscribe to. This can be the game you play outside of your weekly raids or other miscellaneous daily quests they make you do.

Have fun and see you guys in game.


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