My Cleric rescuing some villagers

I’ve followed this game with whatever little scraps of info given since it was known as Project R1. Luckily I was able to play in the closed beta and heading closer to launch I’ve been doing a lot of theory-crafting in preparation.

For those who don’t know what all the fuss is about this game is being developed by the original creators of Ragnarok Online and Grenado Espada. The purpose of ToS is to bring the Ragnarok Online experience into the modern era.

What made Ragnarok Online unique was that it was open world (no instances), had free-trade and robust character, item and monster system and large scale guild vs guild pvp known as War of Emperium.

General gameplay was purely grinding/exploring for exp or resources to fund dangerous expeditions, pvp or crafting. Trade was healthy due to the flat item system and no concept of “Soulbound” items. Unlike modern MMOs the only quests in the game were for story, specific items or access to areas, you did not do mindless arbitrary quests all day to level, to level you killed monsters either solo or in parties and due to the robust systems in place you could cater your character to solo or party and different maps contained different mixes of monsters suited to solo, partying or both.

Ragnarok Veterans or general MMO players tired of all the WoWclones I encourage to  give this game a try.

The game is available via steam.

Early access starts on the 29th of March, the game becomes available free to play on the 28th of April.

I hope this game lives up to its potential as there hasn’t really been a game like this in a long time.



2 thoughts on “Tree of Savior (ToS)

  1. Im loving the anime style graphics of Tree of Savior, I hope the developers really stick at it and polish off this game so it becomes the master piece it deserves to be! 😀


    1. It’ll be interesting to see how the game ages and performs in the market as it is attempting to cater to both a niche (grinder) audience and more mainstream (questing/dungeon) types at the same time.


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