This part of the my Monk overview focuses on the Pre-Monk options. Rank 1-4 as Monk starts at Rank 5. Please read Part 1 if you want to look at only the Monk part.

Rank 1: Cleric 1 is where we start and is mandatory.

Heal: 5% Healing per tile, higher level creates more healing tiles, scales with INT, but the fact that its % based is what’s important for Monks.

Safety Zone: Blocks attacks but not effects (Eg. Knockback)

Cure: Cures level 1 status ailments, damage scales off INT, otherwise a measley static damage with skill up.

Deprotected Zone: Static Defense reduction, synergises with sword usage due to sword attack attribute applying weakened defense status

RecommendationHealing should be maxed for better healing support, Safety Zone is great and should be maxed as well, Cure is easily replaced by consumables and other classes with better abilities I’d advise to ignore. Deprotected Zone is lacklustre as it scales poorly but get level 1 for its Sword Attack Debuff may be useful and there are reports of it interacting with Knife Hand attack. Left over points I’d advise dumping into Deprotected Zone or saving for C2 Cleric if you choose to level Cleric again.

Rank 2: Cleric C2, Krivis, Priest

In this rank, I believe there are two very powerful options. Cleric C2 or Krivis C1.

Cleric C2

Divine Might: Gives you +1 to all skills for the next 1-5 skill uses.

Fade: PvE Skill to Drop aggro. (won’t work Solo, no one else to aggro to)

Recommendation: Whilst Cleric C1 the Safety Zone only blocks up to 10 attacks, by going C2 you can rank it up to level 10 providing 10 more blocks totalling 20 but also unlocks a new attribute which provides up to 20 additional blocks for a total of 40 attacks blocked. As a nice bonus to C2 besides the godlike Safety Zone you get more Heal ranks, Divine Might which boosts the skill level of all skills by +1 for your whole party up to 5 skill uses. You’ll have some skill points spare to get 1 Fade for party PvE purposes or more into Deprotected Zone.

Krivis C1

Aukuras: Increases Natural out of combat health regen speed and amount, decreases enemy accuracy (unsure about exact mechanics)
Zalciai: Increases ally Crit and Decreases enemy Crit by a flat amount but also scaling with SPR can be attributed to increase magic damage.
Daino: Increase buff limit for party 200 sec duration 6 sec Cool Down. Normal buff limit of 5 this skill provides +1 buff limit per level.
Zaibas: Lightning Damage Spell field. Scales with INT

Recommendation: The main reason for Krivis C1 is that the game has a buff limit of 5 and as a cleric class you have options that will easily break this limit. When you cast a buff when you’ve hit the limit it will overwrite the oldest one, Krivis can circumvent this with the skill Daino. The left over skill points can be spent on anything really, dex/crit builds are very all or nothing, Zalciai can assist and also provides increased Magic Attack so is a great option. Zaibas may be chosen if you’re going for a quirky INT build, but I’d advise against that as there are non-monk options which do Magic/Int damage much better. Aukuras increases your natural health regen so is very meh, but its this or Zaibas tough call, Zaibas might help you level up and has good base damage at lower levels.

Rank 2 Conclusion

Cleric C2 is an extremely powerful all round option whilst Krivis C1 provides a much needed buff limit breaker and support via Zalciai. Increasing the buff limit is not only for yourself but the whole party, many classes have many self buffs that can easily be overwritten by yours (to detriment). Priest C1 is only recommended if you’re rushing for Priest C2 for both Blessing and Sacrament buffs but do not get Priest C3 as you’ll need at least Krivis C1 for exceeding the buff limit.

Rank 3 and 4: Priest, Bokor, Dievdirby

The Rank 2 Choice is overall beneficial and not skewed towards any particular playstyle. Ranks 3 and 4 will be the main defining Ranks to change or supplement Monk play which is mostly spamming Double Punch. Your choice will be either 2 C1 Classes or 1 C2 Class. If you do not do Cleric C2 or Krivis C1 in Rank 2 then you will have the option of doing C3 but I’d advise against this as the C3 options are not particularly useful for Monk in my opinion.

Priest C1
Aspersion: Provides % based physical defense increase and itself is an attack based on SPR.
Monstrance: Increase Dex for Allies, Debuffs enemies evasion and defense for a tiny base amount scaling with SPR stat.
Blessing: Static Damage Increase.
Resurrection: Revives dead team mates, attribute to revive up to 5 people, level up reduces cast time and health targets have on revive.

Priest C2
Sacrament: Additional Holy isn’t triggered by skills, only auto attack but the bonus attack component still applies to skills. Both parts are small flat bonuses.
Revive: 90 Sec Buff which instantly resurrects target and provides 1 second of invincibility and 5% HP per level up.
Mass Heal: Heals 10% HP scaling with +2% per level, INT and SPR.

Recommendation: The usefulness of Priest is dependant on the context of long-term vs short-term planning. At this stage of the game the static bonuses from Aspersion, Blessing and Sacrament are massive, however as the game drags along (we’re at 280/600 projected base levels) these bonuses will become less significant. Aspersion does have a % scaling component for Physical defense which may be useful depending on the game content and the bonus attack component scaling with SPR will be insignificant as Monk as we don’t get that stat. From the perspective of PvE or PvP the benefits of Priest translate to either fine and in PvP resurrection and revive provide big value.

Should Priest be your choice I’d Maximize, Blessing get at least 1  Sacrament and for PvP resurrection and some revive also, left overs skill points will depend on the utility you want between resurrection, revive, mass heal and monstrance with these choices left I feel any mix of these is fine but omit mass heal as this requires active casting and aiming, you’ve already got Cleric heal which you can just plant on the ground without much care.

Krivis C2

Divine Stigma: Sticks on to the enemy  and activates on kill. Applies flat STR and Int Buff lasting 6 secs at level 1 and 1 second extra per skill level, 36 Second Cooldown.

Recommendation: In the Context of Monks, Krivis C2 is only picked for Divine Stigma, but since its an on kill trigger this will largely be PvE option. Critical Builds may benefit from higher Zalciai ranks though. Krivis C2 is overall a weak option in my opinion.

Bokor C1
Hexing: Reduces Magic and Darkness resistance

Effigy: Ranged Magic Attack, every 3rd use has bonus damage

Zombify: Creates a magic circle on the ground, stuff that dies here becomes Zombies for you.

Tet Mamak La: Throw a skull telling your Zombies where to go.

Bokor C2

Mackangdal: Makes your target invincible for 10+skill level seconds. However once the buff is over all damage received is dealt in an instant.

Bwa Kayiman: Knocks down enemies and some extra damage. The knock downs are great, you can keep mobs CCd for a while.

Samediveve: Buff your Zombies HP and Movement Speed, you receive half the effect.

Recommendations: The main reason for going Bokor on Monk is the Zombies and because they will require kills to trigger this is purely a PvE option, do not get this for PvP. Whether to get C1 or C2 is up to you, C1 may provide an adequate body count but C2 gives you attributes that boost your Zombies, excellent CC and the Samediveve buff.

Hexing and Effigy are magic so not useful for Monk, Hexing can provide a darkness resist debuff which may be useful if you get a Dark element weapon but that is too specific. Zombies scale depending on monster, their HP scales with SPR butare reported to have iffy AI. Mackangdal might be an intersting support skill, Bwa Kayiman is excellent crowd control get at least 1, Samediveve is a small flat bonus. C1 Bokor gives you meat shields from Zombies, HP and Movement Boost from Samediveve (Flat though) and a possibly intersting support skill Mackangdal. Effigy level 1 might be useful as a ranged pull and you’ll defeinitely have spare points due to half the skills being completely useless for you. C2 Bokor unlocks Zombie attributes that allow you to summon Wheelchair and Giant zombies which are faster/stronger and increase your Zombie count. The Samediveve buff from C2 will give you and your Zombies flat bonus HP and Movement speed. You’ll have spare points to play with Mackangdal (Delayed Damage) Bwa Kayiman (Pretty Bad) or one of the magic skills for a ranged pull or if you get a darkness weapon.

Dievdirby C1
Vakarine Statue: Creates Statue that allows you to teleport to other Goddess Statues.
Zemyna Statue: Statue emits an aura that reduces SP cost and SP recovery time (passive SP Regen).

Laima Statue: Statue emits an aura that reduces cooldowns by 20% has attribute to increase enemy cooldowns

Carve Attack: Pericing Attack that scales with STR, does bonus to plants and gives chance to drop wood thats used for carving statues.

Dievdirby C2

Owl Statue: Magic Attack Turret that blocks attacks in-front of it.

Tree Statue: Emits aura of silence on enemies.

Recommendations: All statues took 5 seconds to carve in the CBT that i participated in, but since then I’ve read that its been reduced to 2. This is significant as it produced mobility issues. However said that, all the statues have a lengthy cooldown, so if you have a fast moving team the statues can be difficult to use. I can see Deivdirby very useful for boss fights however. Carve is not spammable, it has Overcharge 3 allowing you to use it 3 times before going on cooldown, but as a monk you’ll be spamming Double Punch making this skill less useful.

PvP wise I can see this class C2 being very useful for 2v2/5v5 Arena PvP for the Silence Statue and Area Denial via the Owl Statue. The SP and Cooldown statues will be more useful for PvE long fights (Bosses). Due to the % Nature of the CD and SP Reduction Statues  I believe they will also be useful throughout the lifetime of the game.

Should you choose Dievdirby I’d advise going to Dirby C2 for the Silence Tree and Owl Statue. For point spending I’d advise 5 in all statues, this provides either 100% for the SP and CD statue, you’ll have 10 points left over, the teleport statue can be convenient, Carve I believe is a waste, but may be helpful if you’re low on stamina for double punch as this uses SP instead but keep in mind this is an overcharge skill with 17 second cooldown.

Rank 4: Sadhu and Paladin

Sadhu C1
Out of Body: You leave your body in spirit form, your spirit is invincible but if anything touches your body it is cancelled. Your auto attacks become based on MAGTK not STR. Increased level increases range.
Pakriti: Teleports your Body to Spirit.
Astral Body Explosion: Magic Damage Explosion
Vashita Siddhi: Channelled AoE Debuff by flat amount, may confuse enemies.

Recommendation: Outside of some quirky INT build, I’d advise against picking Sadhu at all.

Out of body scales with INT not STR, though I guess you could make an INT monk for use with Energyblast (Scales with STR, CON, INT – Exactly how is unknown) since it has a 60second CD you can OoB the rest of the time in lieu of the STR scaling Double Punch. Pakriti is a 1 pointer for mobility, Astral Body you might get lvl 1 for knockback, Vashita i don’t recommend channelled low debuff with chance of confusion.
Paladin C1
Smite: Small AoE, does bonus to Devil and Mutants

Restoration: HP Regen Aura (Set Amount) Attributed for SP aswell

Resist Elements: Flat Elemental Resists and % per skill level of completely nullifying elemental damage (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Earth). On cast debuffs enemies at a flat rate too.

Turn Undead: AoE Deals damage and chance to instant kill Devil type monsters, Change to instant kill based off SPR.

Reccomendation: Turn undead and Smite are extremely situational, Resist and Regeneration Aura are the only useful things here. Everything is at a flat rate and low value however and will be less useful at higher levels. I don’t advise getting Paladin at all.

Important Notes on the Pre-Monk choices:

At Rank 2 the Big Choices are Cleric C2 and Krivis C1, these benefit all playstyles.

Priest C2 is an all-round good option for their offensive buffs. Due to the amount of buffs you may want to consider at least Krivis C1 to go along with it.

Bokor C1 or C2 are good PvE only options that may be weaker against bosses due to a lack of corpses.

Dievdirby C1 or C2 are strong long term options but suffer from mobility issues.

Sadhu and Paladin right now is just no good for Monk players right now.


Sorry if this a lot of text for you but the pre-monk part of the character has many choices and I don’t think there is a set ultimate choice, it will depend on your goals. That said there are obviously more or less suitable choices.  I will do another write up in the days coming in regards to specific builds and stat point distribution.

Thanks for reading.



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