*Warning, this guide is not maintained, the ideas remain true but exact skill and stat attribute distributions may be sub-optimal.

There are many differing opinions on Stat distribution in ToS and currently no clear-cut superior option however there are a few trends and considerations I will go through.

An indepth description of all the stats and substats can be found on tosbase wiki.

Pure Str or Int. Your abilities will mostly gain bonus from STR, however this bonus is flat. For example, Str resulting in 81 Physical Attack will add literally 81 Damage to the end of calculation. STR also increase critical damage however you’re not going to be critting much with a purely STR build.

Pure Dex for Physical Classes (Magic can’t crit btw). There are 2 reasons for this, Evasion and Critical. There are 2 considerations for this, firstly as you level up so will enemies stats so to keep critting and evading you will need a lot of dex, secondly you can’t evade magic.

Pure Con. Outside of a few skills all the bonus damage from STR or INT is a flat increase with most of the damage coming from skill ups, some players choose to pump just CON only. This is a much rarer option but I believe is valid even for non-tanking oriented builds.

SPR. Full Support Clerics usually go Full SPR or some mix of SPR and CON because of many Cleric skills scaling with SPR. Besides Clerics some people like to get some SPR for SP and SP regeneration but with the availability of recovery items I’d advise against this.

Content Considerations: PvE

Accuracy: I’ve seen people concerned about Dex levels in regards to being able to hit monsters. There is gear available for people to gain enough accuracy to never touch Dex so outside of Critical/Evasion builds, there is not much reason for Dex.

HP: People have been worried about HP required to stay alive in PvE content. From my own experiences and looking at how others survive at higher levels I’ve seen anywhere from no CON to 50ish CON to full on CON and nothing else. This one I believe is personal preference, just see how you go and add some if you need. A factor to consider is the main Cleric healing skills work based on percentage of health so the more health you have the more effective healing is.

Content Considerations: PvP

PvP is dynamic so its hard to give a certain answer and this may depend on classes as well. But here are some example things to think about.

Accuracy, how much accuracy will you need against your average PvPer? Are Evasion builds popular?

HP, You will always need some extra HP for PvP as you can’t control who the enemy is going to hit outside of spacing and positioning yourself. If a Catapract impales you and pulls you towards their team, you’ll need to be able to survive that or you’ll end up doing nothing.

STR/INT, This I believe after considering the above is as much as you can get without neglecting the above too much.

How much accuracy and HP you need before you can pump offensive stats will depend on the metagame – You will want to build around what everyone else is doing, because well you want to beat them right? As of now in Korean Tree of Savior, evasion builds arent’ popular because magic is popular and well, evasion can’t dodge magic so you can probably get away with little to no dex.

PvP is a complex topic on its own I will discuss in another article.


10 thoughts on “Tree of Savior: Stat Distribution (Out of Date)

  1. This was a very interesting guide, I read the others guides from you too. But If I am honest, my big interest was about the topic you left. What about stats for pvp for a monk? I mean, How many dex I need to hit everyone? Is STR/CON the best choice adding accuracy gears? In that case, what gears?



    1. When I was last looking at the PvP metagame the damage was primarily magic which cannot be evaded so evasion was not common so you shouldn’t encounter too many people running evasion builds in PvP. 1:1 Spread between damage stat (str/int) and CON is quite common in PvP some people even run full CON since you can’t deal damage while dead.

      Personally I’m running a Monk right now which is evenly spread str, con, dex 1:1:1 and will adjust depending on how I go.

      People generally wear plate in pvp for the extra health.

      In terms of gear, PvP arenas gear is equalized so you don’t get a choice in that regard.


  2. Very good article! I have a question about monk stats for pvp, is STR/CON a good idea amd use dex gears for accurace? What gears in that case?


    1. Many people with w3/ele3/wl are going full CON for PvP and in PvE this is doable because of the Animus Necklace which gives you Magic Amplification based on HP Recovery which is CON+lvl/2. So you’re extremely durable with the bulk of your damage coming from the amulet and w3 quick cast attribute.
      Item info for reference here.


  3. I’m planning on creating Catapract then Dragoon. how many DEX should i have to hit the the high Evasion characters like archer “lets assume our level is already 280”. I have a Hoplite Dragoon right now with pure “STR 380+” and 100 con. but i never won in a pvp as in NEVER and I cant kill player in team battle because I cant hit my opponent. so i’m planning to create a new character which is catapract “dragoon” and I want to perfect my stats on PVP. I want to know the exact DEX should I have before pumping to my stats to STR and got some CON in the future. I am a PVP lover. I wish you can help me. Thank you for your reply. Your blog is very helpful.


    1. Hi Aldrin. As a Swordsman you don’t need any Dex in PvP. The reason for this is the Swordsman C2 buff skill Restrain (C2 20%, C3 40% stun) which allows your moves to stun. This stun buff works even if the enemy dodges.Whilst stunned an enemy cannot dodge and because high dodge characters usually have low HP you kill them instantly. As a Cataphract you shouldn’t have much trouble running in with the Rush or poking with Doom Spike/Dragon Tooth combined with Restrain to stun the enemy. There was a high ranking(5th at one time) Korean player named H Levine who used a PURE STR stat Cataphract/Dragoon distribution but I am unsure whether he is a C2 or C3 Swordsman for Restrain but guessing from how fast he stuns probably C3 Swordsman.


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