In Part 1 I covered the anatomy of a Monk, In Part 2 I covered all the options on the way to Monk. In this part I provide a simple example and my reasoning behind it.

Here is an example Monk build. I call this a Generalist Monk build as it is suited to any content. The classes from Rank 1-7 are a mix of Cleric, Priest and Monk. There is a decision to be made dependant on whether you want the Priest C3 skill Iron Skin or Cleric C2 Safety Zone attribute.

Cleric C2 Safety Zone attribute allows your skill to go from blocking 10 attack to 40, you’ll also get Divine Might (Use limited All skills +1) and Fade (Aggro Drop Skill)

Priest C3 Iron Skin level 5 increases your parties block rate by  + (400 + SPR x 4) so even with no SPR invested thats an extra 1600 block rating which is huge.

Difference? Safetyzone blocks everything, but not status effects. Iron Skin increases your characters natural blocking extremely high but remember blocking only blocks physical attacks, magic still hits you. PvE wise either is a great choice, PvP wise Iron Skin is more likely the desired option as this skill has effectively nullified the electiveness of all Physical classes, evident by the dominance of Plague Doctor (Cleric Class) and Wizards in the top 50 PvP in the Korean Tree of Savior.

Rank 1 – Cleric C1

Max Heal, 3 Deprotected Zone, Max Safety Zone.

You will be leftover with 2 Skill points. If you are going to Priest C3 for Iron Skin, simply distribute the left overs wherever you want. I advise the rest on deprotected zone as the role of Cure is made redundant by Antidote items, but 1 point if you want to save a little money, higher ranks only make it do more damage. If you’re intending to go for C2 save the left over points for Cleric C2 skills.

Rank 2 – Priest C1

Max Blessing first, increase, 1 Monstrance for 30% Dex increase and then Max Resurrection. You should be left with 3 skill points I advise to either hold on for higher rank Priest skills.

Rank 3 – Priest C2

1 Sacrament and Max Blessing. Depending on how you spent on C1 you should have 5-8  spare skill points. I advise spending it on Revive as it can prevent people from dying if you have suitable reaction times or Aspersion for more physical defence and offence.

Rank 4 – Priest C3 or Cleric C2

Priest C3, Max Stone Skin, Blessing . The leftovers should be distributed between revive and Mass Heal. Exorcise is magic (int) so ignore.

Cleric C2, Max Safety Zone, Heal and Divine Might. If you saved your skill points from C1 you can afford to put at least 1 skill point into Fade which allows you to drop aggro from monsters. Here you will also unlock the Safety Zone attribute previously mentioned that increases the amount of attacks blocked greatly.

Rank 5 – Monk Time, Checkout the Monk section in Part 1

Build on skill simulators for TL;DR or easy viewing.

Generalist Monk with Stone Skin

Generalist Monk with Big Safety Zone

This generalist monk build is great support in general with acceptable damage and great solo. You will be useful no matter what content you are playing. Stat wise I recommend giving this article a read for some direction.



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