Updated Monk Guides

With some more experience on live and higher level content I’ve made some change to my suggestions.

Aspersion is less useful than it seems because at higher levels there is a lot of magic damage going around, I previously suggested anywhere from 1-15 points as a skill dump but right now I don’t recommend it at all.

Sacrament is a great skill adding an extra holy attack to your whole parties autos and greatly influential to your killing speeds whilst levelling and not double punching. I’d previously recommended maxing this out, however each subsequent level adds very little damage, this is a 1 point wonder do not max it.

Mass Heal I’d previously advised against getting this skill however, upon playing with it more, I don’t find it hard to use at all and the base % healing when maxed out is 28% HP which is huge. Note care must be used when using and will take a little practice but it is well worth it. Max this out.

The following guide’s have been altered to reflect the changes:

Monk Options Part 2 – In-depth review of all pre-monk options.

Monk Options Part 3 – Example Generalist Monk skill build and explanation

The skill builds listed in Part 3 have also been updated for quick reference.


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