After months of play-time I believe I’ve experienced enough of the game to review it. Usually you’d see some kind of star or number system. I feel those aren’t descriptive enough so I am going to list what I like or dislike and why then give a conclusion.

What I liked

Combat System: The combat system is active and direct. You’ve got meaningful attacks, buffs debuffs with nice combos and interactions as opposed to the ever common rotation system you’d find in other games like Warcraft where you press a rotation of buttons to achieve one thing (damage). You can physically dodge most attacks by moving out of the way, some characters can manually block attacks or cast protection fields as well. The monsters also all have their own attributes such as race, size, element which made them more or less susceptible to different kinds of character abilities and builds which is rare these days.

Music: The music is atmospheric and varies between whimsical to epic depending on the area. There’s orchestral, electronic, pop-ish sounding music that is quite pleasing to the ears. I find myself sometimes opening up the BGM folder and listening to the games music when I do other things.

Art: The art-style and colour palette is very nice. Sometimes it looks like the entire area is painted by hand and your character fits in with the area nicely.

Character System: The character system is great and allows for great customization. For example the Cleric characters can be built into a melee-fighter, auto-attacker, full support, magic-caster or some kind of hybrid depending on your class choices along the way and the way you allocate your attributes as you level up.

What I disliked:

Content: Your typical gameplay session would involve questing. There is a main questline which awards status points upon completion so you pretty much have to do these. There are also side-quests sprinkled around the maps that award EXP cards for you to use at your leisure. The maps are designed in such a way that you are funnelled through the main quest with branches along the map where side-quests will be present which makes all maps very samey in terms of exploration.

Missions: These are in short instanced content where you’d typically kill a bunch of mobs and a few bosses. Missions are exactly the same each time so get very repetitive. You can only do 2-3 per day and the EXP to time ratio is so good you’d be mad to skip these, so this becomes a mandatory task.

Dungeons: These are introduced earlier than missions and is practically the same thing, kill a bunch of mobs and some bosses. Some dungeons have clearing requirements and some don’t so you can just rush bosses or kill in whatever order you want. Dungeons also gave good gear and really good EXP depending on dungeon which is also time locked to 2-3 times a day so you pretty much have to do these.

Conclusion: The combat system, class system and presentation is great. But the content is very linear and boring. It feels like the game was designed to be a grinder to appeal to people who don’t like grinding. The result is great gameplay with boring content, especially if you like to create multiple characters.

Recommendation: In general I’d say give this a go and see how you feel about it as the content seems to be designed with modern sensibilities in mind. If you’re an old man like myself looking for the new Ragnarok Online or a completely new experience this I’d skip this.


Official Website

Steam Page

My Class Guide (For those curious about the system)



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