Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Preparation


Dragon Ball  Xenoverse 2 is coming out soon and right now there is a X2 exp event going on in Xenoverse 1. This is an opportune time to level up and unlock content to transfer your save file over.

To make the most of it I’ve created a guide for the fastest leveling experience I know of. Though the level cap is 99 the highest you need to go is 93 for the Elder Kai mentor quest.

Here is a video play-through:

1. DLC 3 (DRAGON BALL Z: Resurrection ‘F’ pack)

1. Strike Attribute Focused Character
2. Maximum Charge (From Parallel Quest 32 or buy from Skill Shop)
3. Blue Hurricane Skill (From Parallel Quest 10)
4. Z-Soul “Purple Spiral Flash!”
(This is created by combining “We’re the one and only Ginyu Force!” and “Burter is the fastest in the universe” which are both found in Parallel Quest 11)
5. Strike Focused Gear

Do the last PQ “The Return of the Giant Ape-Fest!”
Power up. Run into the apes and Blue Hurricane.

If you mess up and don’t 1 shot the Apes. Grab them by the tail (Block+Fireball button, by default E + Q) or you can run away, charge up and go again.

From testing with different skills for Ki focused characters I found that the tail has its own hitbox of sorts so if you position your character in between the Ape and his Tail (being directly behind him) then you’d get more hits and thus more damage.

If you don’t have a strike attributed character you can just pick Burter. The characters seem to get stronger as your character levels so he shouldn’t be pathetic unless you’re really low level. It’s probably better to just pick Burter than to use a non-strike based character.

For leveling non-strike characters it’s faster to make a strike based character and then use the Dragonballs to wish a character reset and re-attribute your character.

If your character seems too weak or low level do Parallel Quest 53 “Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest!”. In this mission just collect 3 Dragon Balls and hand in to the ship. (You can only hold 2 at a time). Repeat until you think you’ve raised your strike stat high enough or believe level is high enough for Burter to 1 shot the Apes.