You’ve probably finished the story mode by now and want to experiment with different character builds. Here are some tips to get your characters up and running.

1: Finish the story mode – This enables you to get the 40 tonne weight Super Soul and gives you access to what I’ve found to be the best EXP mission so far.

2: Pick up the 40 tonne weight Super Soul – This Super Soul doubles your score which in turn doubles your EXP gain.

Here’s a screenshot of where it’s found:


Above the Time Machine area where you do Parallel Quests

3: Go to the Time Vault located at the far end of the Time Nest where you do your story missions. Here is where you can repeat story missions.

4: Do the story mission “By Shenron’s Might! – History Restored” (second last mission)

This should net you approximately 50,000 EXP per minute depending on your performance.

I’ve seen some people suggest doing the Captain Ginyu final mentor mission or simply doing the harder Parallel Quests but neither match the XP per minute of this method I’ve discovered.

Here is a video of a typical run through, as you can see even with mistakes I still manage to get Z-Rank and a lot of exp.


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