Good old games: Ragnarok Online


My Return

After being disappointed with Tree of Savior I was fairly burnt out from MMOs. The modern convention of WoW cloning or intentional mislabelling of multiplayer online games just didn’t appeal to me, especially since I didn’t really like the Warcraft formula at all. I thought to myself, why not just play an old game that I liked? So here I am returning to Ragnarok Online once again.

I’ve played Ragnarok Online since launch with some breaks here and there. This time my absence was 5 years.

New Character

Starting up again I decided to make a new character. I was surprised to see a new Race/Class the Doram (Cat People) Summoner class and decided to give it a shot.

On character creation they’ve gotten rid of the stat balancing hexagon, all your stats start at 1 so there’s no decision making required apart from sprite and name edits.

As a Doram Summoner you start off in a hyper whimsical area where the buildings are made of pastry and knitting are balls everywhere. As expected of Ragnarok Online the music is very atmospheric and catchy, so in this area it’s over the top cute/annoying depending on your temperament, I personally think it’s great.


My Summoner in the Doram starting town of Lasagne

From the get go you’re quickly introduced to a quest chain that will teach you about the game and eventually send you off to Midgard to join other players and enjoy the classic open world grindfest.


Torturing some snake for information.

Updated Quest System and Tracker

The quest system and UI is very temperamental, likely because this game wasn’t originally designed around questing. There were several points where I was given very little direction or names of NPCs were different between in game sprite and quest journal. There is also a searchable database and tracker in game now that will give you GPS directions.


Tracker with guiding arrows and quest window.

Spam and Bots quelled

I’m not sure how the problem was solved, but there seems to be no/few bots and spammers. I encountered a none at all in my 3 hour game session. Previously you had to disable local chat for your chatbox to be usable and all maps were filled to the brim with bots.


No Zeny spam or bots encountered.

Still a great game

Overall this was a satisfying return to Ragnarok Online. The population seems to be healthy (2,500 during offpeak). No/Few bots and spammers to speak of. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable grinder.


Dead Branches are still a thing, so be vigilant! (A consumable that summons a  monster from the games database at random)

Official Site Here