Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Preparation


Dragon Ball  Xenoverse 2 is coming out soon and right now there is a X2 exp event going on in Xenoverse 1. This is an opportune time to level up and unlock content to transfer your save file over.

To make the most of it I’ve created a guide for the fastest leveling experience I know of. Though the level cap is 99 the highest you need to go is 93 for the Elder Kai mentor quest.

Here is a video play-through:

1. DLC 3 (DRAGON BALL Z: Resurrection ‘F’ pack)

1. Strike Attribute Focused Character
2. Maximum Charge (From Parallel Quest 32 or buy from Skill Shop)
3. Blue Hurricane Skill (From Parallel Quest 10)
4. Z-Soul “Purple Spiral Flash!”
(This is created by combining “We’re the one and only Ginyu Force!” and “Burter is the fastest in the universe” which are both found in Parallel Quest 11)
5. Strike Focused Gear

Do the last PQ “The Return of the Giant Ape-Fest!”
Power up. Run into the apes and Blue Hurricane.

If you mess up and don’t 1 shot the Apes. Grab them by the tail (Block+Fireball button, by default E + Q) or you can run away, charge up and go again.

From testing with different skills for Ki focused characters I found that the tail has its own hitbox of sorts so if you position your character in between the Ape and his Tail (being directly behind him) then you’d get more hits and thus more damage.

If you don’t have a strike attributed character you can just pick Burter. The characters seem to get stronger as your character levels so he shouldn’t be pathetic unless you’re really low level. It’s probably better to just pick Burter than to use a non-strike based character.

For leveling non-strike characters it’s faster to make a strike based character and then use the Dragonballs to wish a character reset and re-attribute your character.

If your character seems too weak or low level do Parallel Quest 53 “Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest!”. In this mission just collect 3 Dragon Balls and hand in to the ship. (You can only hold 2 at a time). Repeat until you think you’ve raised your strike stat high enough or believe level is high enough for Burter to 1 shot the Apes.


Tree of Savior: Sadhu


Sadhu Astral Projection

Though I’m quite happy with my Monk main character, I’ve always been interested in the Sadhu class. I’ve been playing Sadhu recently  despite the amount of bugs with positioning causing rubber banding and loading issues.

Why pick Sadhu?

The Astral Projection skill called Out-of-Body (OoB) is why you pick Sadhu. The spirit you project cannot be targeted or hit. In spirit form the spirit’s normal attacks are based off magic attack power. As with typical magic attacks it cannot miss or crit. You have some skills that can only be cast in spirit form but you can still also cast your other skills. Interestingly your non-spirit spells will be cast by your body still. If you’re low on SP you can cast OoB and then sit next to a bonfire, your body sitting down will accelerate your HP/SP regeneration and your spirit form can continue attacking things. You must take care that your body doesn’t get hit though, because when your body is hit, your OoB is interrupted and goes back into your body.

Sadhu Skills

Out of Body – This is your main skill, project your spirit which you control movement and attacks. Damage is determined by magic attack, it is multi hit (x3). Higher skill levels increase the range you can move away from your body. Pressing the skill after you already cast returns your spirit to your body.

Pakriti  – This skill moves your body to your spirit and ends OoB. Useful movement skill when your body gets threatened or better positioning is available.

Astral Body Explosion – AoE Skill can be attributed to knockback (turn this off in PvM, will annoy party members). One of the few skills in game with % damage (250% Damage). High skill levels increase its base damage number.

Vashita Siddhi – AoE Debuffs all enemy stats, however this is channelled and drains your SP over time so you will be inactive. You can trait this to confuse monsters to fight each other however (requires level 3) so this can be used for crowd control

Possession – Fast multi-hitting channelled spell, interestingly not a spirit skill. Does a lot of damage and stuns.

Transmit Prana – A channelled buff which transfers 10 INT per level to someone else.

Recommendations: If you’re an INT based damage dealer Cleric looking to fill in down time between casting spells, picking up C1 for OoB magic auto-attacks provides a nice moderate option. However I do believe this option though fun, is weaker than higher ranks of Krivis for very powerful Zaibas or Dievdirby for the powerful Owl Statues and utility provided by it’s other statues (Cooldown Reduction, SP Regeneration, Silence Aura)

If you’re convinced you want Sadhu in your overall build do not go further than C2. C2 Provides the powerful Possession skill but C3 provides only Transmit Prana +50 INT to a party member sounds great but keep in mind that you have to channel this, so in essence you’re removing a character slot in your party for a +50 INT buff for only 1 other person.

Sample Build – Sadhu/Druid

This is the build I’am using, the build is developed to get the most out of Sadhu and Transition into Druid which seems to be the most powerful caster option for Clerics.

Rank 1Cleric C1– Max Heal and Safety Wall. 5 Points saved for Cleric C2 skills.

Rank 2Krivis C1– Max Zaibas great for damage and Zalciai Level 1 for the Magic Amplification Attribute. A lot of left over points, I max Daino for the buff limit breaker since there are alot of buffs in this game, especially in party. Zalciai I got to level 3 to buff the crit attack of party members (purely supportive since you can’t crit).  2 More left over can be used to max Zalciai or get some Aukuras, the impact of these is quite minimal and is up to you.

Rank 3Cleric C2 – Max Heal, Safety Wall, Divine Might, Fade. Should have no points left over. Safety wall and Fade important to protect your body while you’re in OoB Spirit form.

Rank 4Sadhu C1 – Finally Sadhu, get 1 OoB immediately so you can start spirit attacks. 1 Pakriti, Max Astral Explosion. Left over points can be spent on no more than 3 in Vashita Siddhi to gain confusion crowd control or more into OoB for extra range of movement.

Rank 5Sadhu C2 – I was actually thinking of maybe getting Cleric C3 for longer Fade uptime and playing with Guardian Saint skill but I wasn’t sure if your OoB still got interrupted or not and the Druid Sterea Trofh skill later on gives you even more protection anyways. Sadhu C2 I chose to Max Astral Explosion and Possession then dump the left over into OoB for more range.

Rank 6 and 7 Druid – These ranks are fairly standardised no matter what you’re doing. Start with at least 1 Chortasmata to create grass, Max Carnivory for incredible damage, 1 Shapeshifting to get forms, save points for C2 Druid. Once in C2 Max Sterea Trofh for invincibility, Max Carnivory for more damage, get 9 Chortasmata for grass duration then max Transform to be able to change into previous form for longer durations.

Stat Distribution – Pure INT. One of the main reasons I wanted to play Sadhu was to try and make a pure INT build since your spirit cannot be hurt and you protect your body with Safety Zone, Fade and Sterea Trofh.

Gameplay – Buff yourself, cast your spells run away, Safety Zone, Fade or Sterea Trofh to protect your body then OoB auto attacks. Depending on spacing, positioning and how you use your safety skills casting spells can be risky but rewarding. I find Sadhu quite fun though.

Important Notes – Sadhu OoB can be a little buggy resulting in alot of rubberbanding or things just not loading, when you find your character unusable try mashing OoB on and off or Pakriti to change position. I find doing that helps fix the problem most of the time.

Quick Build Link

Tree of Savior: Guide Updates


Updated Monk Guides

With some more experience on live and higher level content I’ve made some change to my suggestions.

Aspersion is less useful than it seems because at higher levels there is a lot of magic damage going around, I previously suggested anywhere from 1-15 points as a skill dump but right now I don’t recommend it at all.

Sacrament is a great skill adding an extra holy attack to your whole parties autos and greatly influential to your killing speeds whilst levelling and not double punching. I’d previously recommended maxing this out, however each subsequent level adds very little damage, this is a 1 point wonder do not max it.

Mass Heal I’d previously advised against getting this skill however, upon playing with it more, I don’t find it hard to use at all and the base % healing when maxed out is 28% HP which is huge. Note care must be used when using and will take a little practice but it is well worth it. Max this out.

The following guide’s have been altered to reflect the changes:

Monk Options Part 2 – In-depth review of all pre-monk options.

Monk Options Part 3 – Example Generalist Monk skill build and explanation

The skill builds listed in Part 3 have also been updated for quick reference.

Tree of Savior: Monk Options Part 1


Playing with a skill simulator and analysing every skill and attribute to come up with some good Monk builds has been quite a puzzle for me. Due to the open nature of classes and content I don’t think there is such a thing as a one true build or a best build that I’ve seen many ask for however there are some very powerful options and considerations that must be addressed.

Monk class itself starts at Rank 5, we begin at rank 1 as Cleric so we have 3 Ranks to play with. To best fill in these 3 ranks we need decide what the purpose of your Monk is for, general PvE farming, Boss Killing, PvE, GvG etc… and look at what each option provides.

Firstly I want to look at the Monk class itself.

Iron Skin: This is a damage reflect skill however it only works on melee physical attacks. There are many ranged and non-physical attacks in this game and the skill is channelled which means if you’re using this skill you’re not attacking, buffing, healing or doing anything else.

Double Punch: This skill has no cool down and effectively replaces your normal attack, costs stamina to use. The damage type is Strike/Blunt which does 50% bonus to plate defense and -25% to leather defense. You can keep a sword handy to circumvent this (Get the weapon swap attribute asap!)

Palm Strike: AoE Ratio 6 and applies bleed. Ratio means the number of things that the AoE hits, so palm strike hits 6 targets in a small AoE, there are items that boost AoE ration btw. The Area effect is small, 15 second cool down and lacklustre damage by itself. I advise getting level 1 for the bleed effect.

Hand Knife: AoE Ratio 2, small AoE applies armor break which reduces the targets armor value, I’d advise only getting level 1 for the effect.

Energy Blast: Shoots an energy beam in a straight line AoE, no target limit. The longer you charge the more damage it does, knocks back with each hit if you find the knockback annoying you have a toggle trait to turn this on or off. This is great for burst damage (60s Cool Down) and knockback for crowd control, max this one. An intersting note about this skill is that it scales with STR/CON/INT how is unknown but may give room for a quirky INT based monk build.

One Inch Punch: Dashes to target, applies bleed and silence. Great skill for PvP or silencing a pesky caster mob. Get at least level 1.

God Finger Flick: Ranged attack that uses 100 Silver, small damage. It’s on a 25 second cooldown and you’re unlikely to have any other ranged option to interrupt casters. I’d advise at least level 1 for PvP but can be a little difficult to aim.

Golden Bell: Blocks Magic and Ranged Attacks, Channel depending on level 4-8 seconds. Can be attributed to protect the area around you not just yourself. I am unsure how high or if you should get this skill at all, though I can see this being useful to block predictable magic damage or in PvP give Wizards a  hard time.

General Recommendation: Max Double Punch and Energy Blast, get at least level 1 Palm Strike, Hand Knife, One Inch Punch and God Finger flick for utility purposes. You’ll have 16 points left over, I think it’d be great to level Golden Bell and then distribute the rest wherever you want but avoid Iron Skin it is close to useless.

In Part 2 I’ll go through all the options on the road to Monk. Part 3 shows an example skill build and reasoning. This write-up on stat distributions may give insight into how you might want to approach building your Monk’s stats.

Thanks for reading my conclusions, let me know your opinions or if you have any additional information as there are some unlisted interactions between skills in ToS that may be relevant.